Featured Strategies 2022

2021 In Review At time of writing (12/23/21), we don’t yet have the final numbers for 2021. But it looks like the clear winner of the 2021 beer bet will be Travis. This link below shows all of the 2021 beer bets, compared against the C & S funds, as well as a 50/50 split:

Hindsight is 20/20

No, you’re not going to make 30% every year by following a TSPcalc strategy. The Seasonal Calculator has been accurately described as a “back-test engine”. In other words, a Hindsight Generator. The Seasonal Calculator is not a crystal ball. Instead, it’s the opposite- the Seasonal Calculator can only look backward. By optimizing trades for the

Featured Strategies 2021

I want everyone to be successful in investing. To that end, I am inclined to point people in what I believe is the right direction. But investing involves risk. None of these strategies are guaranteed to perform well. You might even lose money if you follow them. This is more than a disclaimer; I genuinely